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About Vega Tablets :

Vega Tablets Are A Prescription Medication Used To Treat A Variety Of Conditions. It Is A Combination Of Two Active Ingredients, Sildenafil Citrate And Dapoxetine, Which Work Together To Help Improve Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation. This Medication Is Taken By Mouth, Usually As Needed, Before Sexual Activity. After Using Vega 100 Price In Pakistan You Can Get A Hard Erection For Intercourse. Once You Are Done With Sexual Activity And After Half An Hour You Need To Do It Again, In That Case, You Don’t Need To Have A 2Nd Tablet It Will Give You An Erection Even For The 2nd Time. Vega Works Exactly The Same As Brand Name Viagra. When Used As A Treatment For Men Who Have Difficulty Having And Maintaining An Erection (Impotence), 50 Milligrams Of Vega Will Produce The Same Results As 50 Milligrams Of The Brand Name Viagra.

Vega Tablets In Pakistan

This Article Will Provide An Overview Of Vega Tablets, Discuss The Uses And Side Effects Of The Medication, Explain How To Take It, And Provide Important Precautions. The Recommended Dose Of Vega 100 Tablets Is One Tablet Taken Orally With Water, Approximately One Hour Before Sexual Activity. It Is Important To Follow The Doctor’s Instructions And Avoid Taking More Than The Recommended Dose. It Contains Sildenafil Citrate And Increases The Blood Flow In The Body Which Will Help You To Have An Erection. This Tablet Also Uses For The Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction. Vega Belongs To The Family Of Generic Medication And Is An Effective Treatment For Male Erectile Dysfunction, Or Ed. This Is Also Known As Impotence. Original Vega Is A Little Blue Pill You Take Only When You Want To Have Sex. Best Vega Tablets Helps Men Consistently Get And Keep An Erection When They Become Sexually Stimulated.

Vega Tablets Price In Pakistan

Vega 100 Tablets Are A Prescription Medication Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction In Men. The Active Ingredient In Vega 100Mg Tablets Is Sildenafil Citrate, Which Helps To Increase Blood Flow To The Penis To Achieve And Maintain An Erection. Original Vega 100 Mg Tablet In Pakistan Is The Best Product To Treat Ed Issues In Men. Vega Tablet Formulated (Sildenafil Citrate). Best Vega 100 Gives results after Some Time Of Taking A Pill Like 25 Minutes, But On The Other Hand, It Works In 40 To 50 minutes in The Age Upper 40. Tablets To Give You A Hard Erection.

Buy Vega 100Mg Pills In Pakistan

Buy Vega 100 Mg Tablets Containing Sildenafil Citrate Capsules, The Vega 100 Tablet Timing Same As Viagra, And Is Manufactured By Hand Pharmaceuticals In India Revatio. Hence, Vega 100Mg Is Also Known As General Viagra. It Is Primarily Habituated For The Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction( Ed), Which Is Also Called Incompetence, In Men. Vega 100 Is Generally Administered To Men Who Have Been Suffering From Authority, And Regular Use Of This Tablet Cures A Case Of Cases Of Erectile Malfunction Of Any Kind.

Each Blue Film Coated Vega Tablet 100 Mg Contains Sildenafil Citrate, Which Helps In The Retention Of Energy While Prosecuting Sex Acts. It Enhances Unvarying Blood Flow In The Organ So That Penile Construction Lasts For Longer periods It Bocks The Enzyme Named Phosphodiesterase In The Body, Due To Which, A Man Experiences Stationary And Dragged periods of Sexual Performance. So, For Each Day And Each Time When The Tablet Is Devoured, It Energizes The Penis To The Fullest Extent, And You Can Buy Vega 100 Mg To Get The Wanted Peak In Your Performance.

Vega 100Mg How To Work?

Vega 100Mg Tablet Is A Phosphodiesterase( Pde- 5) Asset. It Works By Adding Blood Flow To The Penis By Relaxing The Muscles In Penile Blood Vessels.

What Is Vega 100 In Pakistan?

The Vega 100Mg Tablet Timing( Vegab 100 Tablet Price In Pakistan) Is Portioned Orally To Handle Erectile Dysfunction And Impotency In Boys Vega Tablet In Pakistan Price Rs 1999-/Pkr.Vega 100 In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Pakistan Blue Film Coated Diamond Edited Tablets Packed In A Pocket Size Strip Comes In 50Mg, 100 Mg, And 120 Mg Of Sildenafil Citrate.

Vega 100Mg Warning :

  • Vega 100Mg Tablet Is Presumably Safe To Use During Gestation.
  • Beast Studies Have Shown Low Or No Adverse Effect On The Foetus, Still, There Are Limited Human Studies. Please Consult Your Croaker.
  • Vega 100Mg Tablet Is Presumably Safe To Use During Lactation. Limited Human Data Suggests That The Medicine Does Not Represent A Significant Threat To The Baby.
  • Vega 100Mg Tablet May Make You Feel Dizzy, Drowsy, Or Affect Your Vision.
  • Vega 100Mg Tablet Is A Safe Deposit Box To Use In Cases With Order Complaints.
  • Still, Inform Your Croaker If You Have Any Underpinning Older Complaints.
  • Vega 100 Tablet Should Be Habituated With Caution In Cases With Severe Liver Complaint. Dose Adjustment Of Vega 100Mg Tablet May Be Demanded.
  • Please Consult Your Croaker.
  • There Are Definite Facts Available On The Use Of Vega 100Mg Tablet In Cases With Severe Liver Complaints.

Vega 100Mg Uses :

Sildenafil Is Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction( Incompetence) In Men For Satisfactory Sexual Performance. Revatio, Another Brand Of This Medicine Is Used To Drop Pressure In The Blood Vessels Of The Lungs( Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension) And Ameliorate The Capacity Of Exercise In Men And Women. The Medicine Functions By Relaxing Muscles In The Walls Of Blood Vessels And By Adding Blood Flow To Certain Areas Of The Body. Etsyteleshop

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Price Rs: 2000
Size 4 Tablets
Made in Indian
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